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Census Date Calculator


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'Census Date' refers to the final date that students receiving VET Student Loan (VSL), FEE-HELP (FH), or VET FEE-HELP assistance can withdraw from a unit of study (CRN) and not incur a Commonwealth debt. Each CRN you register into may have a different census date and you must complete your application for a VET Student Loan or FEE-HELP prior to a CRN census date to have the fees for that CRN paid for by your Commonwealth loan.

The census date is calculated as the CRN start date plus 20% of the course duration (e.g. a 10 week CRN started on 01 January will have a census date 2 weeks (20% of 10 weeks) after it has started - 14 January)

You will have received a list of CRNs to register into on your TAFE SA welcome letter or at your enrolment counselling session. To help you work out your census date for each CRN, TAFE SA has provided the following calculator.

1. Select the term that you will be studying the unit of study (CRN).
2. Enter the unit of study (CRN) number and select 'Submit'.
3. Select a date that you intend to start the unit of study (CRN).
4. A census date for the selected unit of study (CRN) and intended start date will be displayed.

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Information NOTE:

Your selections on this page do not affect your registrations in any way; the information is provided as a guide only. Your final census date for each unit of study (CRN) will be saved when you register into the units.

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